2000 Housing Legislative Report
Bill Subject Status Description Recommended Position
AB 398
Finance Gutted: No longer a housing bill Prior version placed a $750 million housing bond issue on the November 2000 ballot Support
(prior version)
AB 479
Mobilehomes Assembly refused to concur in Senate amendments Requires a park rental agreement to specify that the park shall maintain the common facilities with funds acquired through rents, not other fees Support
AB 659
Tax Chapter 601,
Statutes of 2000
Modifies property tax exemption for low-income housing and for Indian housing Watch. We obtained amendments to ensure that the exemption is only available when the rents paid by low-income tenants are at affordable levels; not merely that low-income tenants occupy the units, as was in the bill as introduced.
AB 860
Mobilehomes Chapter 551,
Statutes of 2000
Permits homeowners in parks (and, in a separate section, homeowners in condominiums) to keep a pet, subject to reasonable rules Watch
AB 862
Mobilehomes Chapter 423,
Statutes of 2000
Provides that management is responsible for the costs of maintaining trees and driveways in a mobilehome park Support
AB 866
Tenancies Never scheduled in Senate Judiciary Committee Clarifies that local rent boards may make administrative determinations about the lawful rent for a rent-controlled unit Sponsor. The bill responded to an appellate court decision, Cabinda v. Santa Monica Rent Board. Dicta in the case could be read to say that rent boards have little or no authority to regulate rents or even gather information. We drafted the bill to restore rent board authority contained in the 1996 Costa-Hawkins Act. Landlord groups refused to merely clarify Costa-Hawkins and instead insisted on inserting other provisions beneficial to them as quid pro quo. We successfully led the effort to have the case depublished, rendering the bill unnecessary.
AB 943
Finance Chapter 687,
Statutes of 2000
Assigns additional educational requirements to the California Debt Investment and Advisory Commission (CDIAC) and requires local agencies to provide the necessary housing data; adds more oversight of local investments Support
AB 950
Redevelopment Chapter 469,
Statutes of 2000
Allows Solano County and several cities to pool redevelopment housing funds; stated purpose is to ensure retention of Travis Air Force Base Oppose. Pooling by its nature allows some jurisdictions to avoid their housing responsibilities under redevelopment law; also, there is no evidence that Travis is in danger of closing or downsizing.
AB 1219
Land Use Hearing in Senate Agriculture Committee cancelled by the author Prohibits subdivision map or development agreement approval of a housing development of more than 200 units unless the locality makes a finding that a sufficient water is available for the development Watch
AB 1382
Codes Chapter 664,
Statutes of 2000
Establishes a State matching grant program to increase local building code enforcement efforts; also establishes a State neighborhood code enforcement grant pilot program for exterior clean-up; redirects $2.25 million from Budget to these programs. Watch. We obtained amendments to include the program to increase local building code enforcement.
AB 1473
Fair Housing; Senior Chapter 291,
Statutes of 2000
Cleans up provisions enacted last year regarding notification and re-recording of deeds containing racially restricted covenants; specifies that lawful age-based restrictions are permissible Watch. We worked extensively on last year's bill; these covenants, though legally void for decades, remain as part of the chain of title and have been repugnant when they are shown to prospective homeowners without warning.
AB 1626
Torlakson &
Finance Chapter 3,
Statutes of 2000
Permanently increases the State low-income housing tax credit cap from $35 million per year to $ 50 million per year Sponsor
AB 1669
Tenancies Chapter 688,
Statutes of 2000
Omnibus Civil Practice Act; contains numerous noncontroversial provisions. Watch. Several Landlord/Tenant provisions were suggested but ultimately removed from the bill when objections were made.
AB 1718
Homeless Chapter 200,
Statutes of 2000
Establishes a continuing education classroom training course for law enforcement officers regarding intervention with developmentally disabled and mentally ill persons Watch
AB 1730
Code Chapter 540,
Statutes of 2000
Appropriates $1.5 million from the General Fund and $300,000 from federal grants for child lead poisoning programs Support
AB 1737
Mobilehomes Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee Doubles the partial sales tax exemption on mobilehome sales Support
AB 1740
Budget Chapter 52,
Statutes of 2000
Fiscal Year 2000-2001 Budget bill; housing funding substantially increased to approximately $600 million Support. We worked to better target funding to lower income and rental households.
AB 1744
Land Use Chapter 117,
Statutes of 2000
Grants 6-month extensions for localities in Southern California and Bay Area regional government councils to revise their housing elements Watch. We would not support a longer extension, as was proposed earlier.
AB 1756
Tax Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee Grants 55% tax credit for seismic retrofit construction on pre-1979 residential buildings We will work on this issue next year.
AB 1762
Homeless Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee Establishes a crisis intervention team pilot project for dealing with mentally ill persons Support
AB 1788
Tax Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee Exempts liquified petroleum gas (propane) delivered to a residence from sales tax Support. Natural gas for residential use is currently exempt
AB 1804
Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee Increases income eligibility limit for renters' tax credit from $25,000 to $30,000 for single taxpayers and from $50,000 to $60,000 for married couples. Watch; told author we wanted a refundable credit to assist all low income families.
AB 1811
Chapter 311,
Statutes of 2000
Modifies the State's $500,000 per year Farmworker Housing Tax Credit program administered by the Tax Credit Allocation Committee (CTCAC) Support. The current program is unworkable; changes mirror the successful Low Income Housing Tax Credit program, which is also administered by CTCAC.
AB 1838
Tenancies Chapter 352,
Statutes of 2000
Expresses the intent of the Legislature that the Fair Political Practices Commission adopt regulations regarding disqualification of local officials from voting on matters in which they may have an economic interest Watch. Prior version of the bill would have imposed the standard for statewide office holders on local officials, which would have had the effect of allowing landlord-officials to vote on matters directly affecting their economic interests, e.g. rent control. We worked with San Francisco tenants to narrow the bill to intent language only.
AB 1846
Senior Chapter 979,
Statutes of 2000
Establishes center at the Department of Aging to provide information on home modifications and other measures to facilitate "aging in place" Watch
AB 1849
Consumer Held in Senate Appropriations Committee Creates a special fraud investigation unit at the Contractors' State Licensing Board. Support
AB 1855
Redevelopment Chapter 756,
Statutes of 2000
Extends the "Isenberg" housing requirements for one year; allows a housing project to proceed near the Pleasant Hill BART station outside of a redevelopment area Neutral. We opposed prior version of the bill, which deleted the sunset without evaluating the Isenberg housing provisions. A redevelopment task force is meeting this fall to consider major changes in redevelopment housing requirements.
AB 1868
Tenancies (Housing Authorities) Failed passage in Assembly Public Safety Committee Enables public housing authorities to access sex offender registrant information for the purpose of excluding registered sex offenders from eligibility for housing Watch
AB 1901
Finance Chapter 957,
Statutes of 2000
Requires prevailing wages to be paid on construction financed through the Department of Housing's Multifamily Housing and Downtown Rebound programs Watch
AB 1903
Finance Vetoed Allows State low income housing tax credits awarded to a project to be sold or distributed separately from federal credits Support
AB 1954
Homeless Chapter 958,
Statutes of 2000
Revises provisions regarding use of armories for homeless shelters, including increasing the time available for use from Dec. 1-Mar. 15 each year to Oct. 15 through April 15. Support
AB 1968
Land Use Held in Senate Appropriations Committee Creates a Local Regional Planning Support Fund, through which the Governor's Office of Planning and Research would award grants to localities which agree to adopt a plan to address regional issues. Neutral. We opposed an earlier version of the bill which eliminated a role for HCD in reviewing local housing plans; bill was amended to expressly state that nothing in it shall be interpreted to supersede review of housing elements by HCD.
AB 1969
Homeless Vetoed Establishes a working group to develop a plan for the development of long-term mental health care facilities that are community-based, serving no more than 16 people Watch
AB 2000
Fair Housing Vetoed Establishes a State Commission on Human Relations, with duties which include advising local commissions. Watch
AB 2008
HCD Committee
Mobilehomes; Finance Chapter 471,
Statutes of 2000
Omnibus housing bill, making various changes to housing laws and HCD programs Watch
AB 2015
Mobilehomes; Rural Chapter 542,
Statutes of 2000
Establishes HCD's authority to regulate camping cabins (hard-sided relocatable units of less than 400 square feet) and allows their use with electrical and heating/cooling systems in recreational vehicle parks, subject to HCD regulation. Watch. There is concern that camping cabins will become a source of substandard housing in overcrowded rural areas.
AB 2034
& Baugh
Homeless Chapter 518,
Statutes of 2000
Expands last year's successful AB 34 pilot program: Department of Mental Health grants to local agencies providing comprehensive, wrap-around services to the homeless mentally ill Support
AB 2041
Redevelopment Chapter 552,
Statutes of 2000
Permits contiguous redevelopment agencies in a single Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) to pool redevelopment funds, under certain conditions Neutral. We opposed earlier, broader bill. We offered numerous amendments until we finally reached a neutral position. A redevelopment task force is meeting this fall to consider major changes in redevelopment housing requirements. Bill was apparently intended for adjacent localities in Alameda and Santa Clara Counties, which technically are not in the same MSA.
AB 2048
Land Use; Tax Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee Permits localities to create "housing opportunity districts", similar to redevelopment districts, where a portion of property taxes in the district would be set aside to mitigate effects of creating housing in the district Watch
AB 2054
Land Use Chapter 665, Statutes of 2000 Provides "clean-up" language to a budget trailer bill, AB 2864 (Torlakson), which created both the Inter-Regional Partnership state pilot project and the Jobs-Housing Balance Improvement Program. Watch
AB 2060
Finance Chapter 331, Statutes of 2000 Authorizes the California Debt Limit Allocation Committee to establish the Extra Credit Teacher Home Purchase Program, providing federal mortgage credit certificates and reduced interest rate loans funded by mortgage revenue bonds to teachers in low performing schools Watch
AB 2089
Finance Never Heard in Assembly Insurance Committee Creates a tax credit for insurers investing in low-income housing and economic development Watch
AB 2112
Consumer Sent to Conference Committee; never reported out Vehicle to address problem of construction defect litigation, especially in regard to multifamily units Watch. Builder groups and trial attorneys could not reach agreement.
AB 2157
Finance Chapter 553,
Statutes of 2000
Permits CHFA greater flexibility in making loans (e.g., loans to preserve long-term affordability of units) Watch
AB 2166
Homeless Vetoed Increases time limit victims of domestic violence may stay in transitional housing from 18 to 24 months Support. The Governor's veto message stated: (1) money already in the Budget for shelters could be used for this purpose, and (2) increasing the time limit may cause new victims to be turned away.
AB 2174
Redevelopment Never Heard in Assembly Housing Committee Permits Orange County to use redevelopment housing funds outside a redevelopment area Watch. We continue to work on this problem.
AB 2229
Tax Chapter 606,
Statutes of 2000
Revises procedures for sales of tax-defaulted properties, including notices to non-profits Support
AB 2234
Tenancies Chapter 473,
Statutes of 2000
Amends provisions governing rental listing services, including: amount of non-refundable fee increases to $50; bond for agencies increases; changes refund procedure Neutral. Our amendments were accepted to provide greater tenant protections.
AB 2239
Mobilehomes Chapter 554,
Statutes of 2000
Limits the repairs park management can impose on a mobilehome being sold; prohibits requiring any interior repairs Watch. The bill is intended to address the problems of parks requiring upgrades before a home can be sold, or requiring so many repairs that the owner's only option is to sell to the park at a low price.
AB 2258
Homeless Vetoed Requires the Department of Social Services to conduct a study of crisis nurseries; prior version would have made crisis nurseries eligible for grant through HCD's Emergency Housing & Assistance Program Watch
AB 2259
Codes Vetoed Establishes a council to study creating a Rehabilitation Code, which would relax some code requirements when buildings are re-habbed for use as residential units Watch. We were concerned with the duplication of effort in this bill, as HCD is undertaking a similar task.
AB 2270
Tenancies; Codes Assembly refused to concur in Senate Amendments Requires tenants displaced as a result of code enforcement to be paid relocation benefits; revises procedures when a receiver is appointed to facilitate abatement of code violations Support
AB 2305
Finance Chapter 51,
Statutes of 2000
Places $500 million bond issue on November 2000 ballot for veterans' home purchases Watch
AB 2306
Rural Chapter 312,
Statutes of 2000
Creates the Joe Serna Farmworker Family Wellness Act to integrate housing, health and other family services for agricultural workers; requires the Department of Health Services to review use of health programs by agricultural workers and develop a plan to streamline service delivery Watch
AB 2340
Land Use Never heard in Assembly Natural Resources Committee Adds provision of affordable housing as a finding a local agency may make in determining if an alternative identified in an environmental impact report in infeasible Watch
AB 2343
Land Use Held in Assembly Natural Resources Committee Exempts from the California Environmental Quality Act certain infill developments of fewer than 200 housing units Watch. We spent many hours with the author trying to find consensus between housing advocates and environmentalists.
AB 2359
Finance Held in Senate Appropriations Committee Establishes the Community Development Investment Guarantee Fund; authorizes the Treasurer to guarantee loans for small businesses and housing that benefits low-income individuals Watch
AB 2360
Tax Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee Creates an additional $500 renter's credit for entry-level teachers and public safety officers Watch
AB 2370
Consumer Held in Senate Appropriations Committee Allows Contractor's Board to deny licenses to applicants convicted of fraud; requires fingerprints of applicants Watch
AB 2430
Land Use Chapter 358,
Statutes of 2000
Extends the authority due to sunset and adds conditions for Napa County to transfer 15% of its low-income housing need to cities in the county Watch. We drafted amendments to add protections.
AB 2468
Rural Failed passage in Assembly Provides that farm operators are jointly and severally liable for violations of specified laws, including employee housing laws, with respect to agricultural workers employed or utilized through other persons or entities, benefitting the operator Watch
AB 2494
Land Use Vetoed Makes it State policy to consider a variety of factors when siting State buildings, including proximity to affordable housing and mixed-use development Support
AB 2534
Fair Housing Assembly Judiciary Committee hearing canceled by author Provides that nothing in the California Fair Employment and Housing Act precludes a locality from adopting more stringent protections Support
AB 2605
Mobilehomes Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee Requires HCD to adopt mobilehome park fire safety regulations and establish a program making grants available to nonprofit organizations to provide fire protection and educational materials Support
AB 2641
Land Use; Fair Housing Failed passage in Senate Health Committee Permits a locality to submit evidence to the Department of Social Services (DSS) regarding the siting of a proposed residential care facility; requires DSS to review and consider the evidence in order to determine whether the facility would be sited in the vicinity of other activities that are "not compatible" with the new facility Oppose. The bill would have the likely effect of limiting housing choices for people with disabilities; by treating homes of disabled persons differently from homes of non-disabled persons, this bill singles out people with disabilities for disparate treatment, which potentially violates state and federal civil rights law.
AB 2747
Finance Held in Assembly Housing Committee Requires State housing agencies to increase funding in areas where the median price of a home is unaffordable to 70% of the area's population Watch
AB 2755
Land Use Chapter 556,
Statutes of 2000
Applies the density bonus law to projects that convert existing commercial buildings to residential use, and to the substantial rehabilitation of existing multifamily dwellings that result in a net increase in residential units Watch
AB 2756
Tenancies Never heard in Assembly Housing Committee Repeals the Costa-Hawkins Act, which established statutory limitations on local rent control laws We took no position on the bill because author had almost no votes for passage and a defeat on the record would set back our efforts.
AB 2760
Rural (employee housing) Vetoed Directs the California Horse Racing Board to develop housing standards that protect the health and safety and general welfare of backstretch workers living at racetracks, among other things Support. The Governor stated he would have signed the bill if it had been limited to the provisions regarding track employees (the bill also concerned internet gambling).
AB 2774
Land Use Held in Senate Appropriations Committee Appropriates $10 million for grants to localities to update their general plans and coordinate land use, housing, and transportation efforts Watch
AB 2786
Senior; Finance Vetoed Requires that all unclaimed money from a deceased person's estate that is permanently escheated to the State be used for construction, rehabilitation, or acquisition of rental housing developments for seniors Support
AB 2810
Robert Pacheco
Tenancies Chapter 386,
Statutes of 2000
Requires a legal document assistant and unlawful detainer assistant to only post a single multi-county bond of $25,000, instead of the current requirement to post such a bond in every county in which the assistant does business Watch
AB 2864
Finance Chapter 80,
Statutes of 2000
Creates the Inter-Regional Partnership (IRP) state pilot project to help improve the balance of jobs and housing in the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, San Joaquin, and Stanislaus; also creates the Jobs-Housing Balance Improvement Program to provide grants or loans to local governments to fund capital outlay and other projects that will mitigate the imbalance of jobs-and housing Watch
AB 2865
Finance Chapter 81,
Statutes of 2000
Creates the California Homebuyer's Downpayment Assistance Program in CHFA with $50 million in funding from the Budget; loans on resale homes will be available to first time homebuyers only; loans on newly constructed homes will be available to all middle income homebuyers Watch
AB 2867
Codes Chapter 82,
Statutes of 2000
Requires HCD to make grants to localities to increase staffing dedicated to local building code enforcement, subject to the following: Grants are for a three year period; HCD must award the grants on a competitive basis with criteria to be weighted for applicants with high percentages of lower income households, older, overcrowded housing stock, absentee owners; also weighted for applicants that prosecute owners with habitual, repeated, multiple code violations; recipients must provide a local match of 25% in the first year, 50% in the second year and 75% in the third year Watch
AB 2870
Finance Chapter 83,
Statutes of 2000
Establishes the Downtown Rebound Program for the adaptive reuse of existing underutilized buildings in downtown urban areas, infill near transit areas, and planning grants Watch
AJR 39
Homeless Res. Chapter 67,
Statutes of 2000
Urges the President and Congress to develop and implement a comprehensive plan to end homelessness Support
SB 89
Land Use Chapter 728,
Statutes of 2000
Requires the California Environmental Protection Agency to convene a Working Group on Environmental Justice to assist the agency in developing an interagency environmental justice strategy Watch
SB 453
Land Use Chapter 26,
Statutes of 2000
Revises the voting requirements for the conversion of community apartment projects and stock cooperatives to condominiums Watch
SB 510
Finance Hearing in Assembly Housing Committee canceled by author Amends provisions regarding the California Housing Trust Fund; states intent to eventually appropriate a total of $1 billion into the fund (Prior version of the bill would have place housing bonds on ballot) Support. The bill was this year's effort to create a permanent source of housing funds.
SB 619
Mobilehomes Vetoed Creates staff positions and provides $145,000 for a mobilehome ombudsman at HCD Support
SB 983
Tenancies; Codes Vetoed Directs the Dept. of Toxic Substance Control to provide state and local agencies with standards and procedures for taking a remedial action at former meth lab sites Support. Meth lab residue has caused health problems for subsequent occupants of the property; no uniform standards or procedures exist in California to deal with the problem.
SB 1143
FInance Vetoed Designates $2.8 million in the Developmental Disabilities Services Account for grants for affordable housing projects for persons with developmental disabilities Watch
SB 1190
Redevelopment Hearing postponed in Assembly Housing Committee Requires a specified proportion of an agency's Housing Fund be spent over the duration of a 5-year plan Sponsor. These issues are being considered by the Housing Redevelopment Task Force for possible inclusion in a bill in 2001.
SB 1216
Consumer Vetoed Requires home inspectors to pass an exam Support
SB 1373
Tenancies Failed passage in Senate Judiciary Committee Permits a landlord to withhold consent to the transfer of a commercial lease if the proposed use of the property conflicts with the landlord's moral or religious principles Watch (bill did not pertain to residential tenancies)
SB 1382
Fair Housing; Senior Vetoed Revises definitions and provisions, including special design requirements, for senior housing developments that may, consistent with the Unruh Civil Rights Act, limit occupancy to seniors and others under certain conditions. Neutral. We opposed earlier version of the bill, which would have made it easier to discriminate against families with children and made it very difficult for seniors to care for their adult children who may require assistance in living.
SB 1464
Homeless Hearing in Senate Health Committee canceled by author Appropriates $20 million for grants for AB 34 programs, providing comprehensive, wraparound services for the homeless mentally ill Watch. Bill did not move; substantially similar to AB 2034.
SB 1545
Rural Chapter 702,
Statutes of 2000
Requires localities to approve or deny permits for farmworker housing within 60 days; if not, HCD may approve the permit; allows a complainant to bring a civil action 21 days after filing a complaint with an enforcement agency, if the agency has taken no action; or 5 days in case of imminent serious threat to health and safety Support. Some localities have sat on farmworker housing permits for years, thereby in fact denying them but allowing no recourse.
SB 1570
Mobilehomes Vetoed Requires arbitration or mediation agreements in mobilehome tenancies to be separate from rental agreements, and prohibits management from conditioning a tenancy on acceptance of such an agreement Watch
SB 1572
Tenancies Chapter 666,
Statutes of 2000
Revises state notice requirements that apartment owners must give when they opt-out of federal housing assistance programs, prepay federal loans, or terminate rental restrictions on federally assisted housing developments Support. By reworking timelines and allowing certain state and federally required notices to be combined, this bill will make the process more user-friendly for owners without sacrificing the flow of information that helps tenants understand and deal with their situation and that helps state and local governments address the loss of affordable housing.
SB 1593
Tenancies Chapter 667,
Statutes of 2000
Revises program requirements for HCD's Multifamily and Emergency Housing and Assistance programs, and for the Dept. of Mental Health's Supportive Housing Initiative Act program; revisions were made necessary by the large influx of funds into these programs by the State Budget this year; changes include a rural set-aside, among other things Sponsor
SB 1607
Consumer Chapter 978,
Statutes of 2000
Enables consumers to obtain their credit scores from credit reporting agencies and from financial institutions to which they are applying for home mortgage loans Watch
SB 1612
Mobilehomes Chapter 232,
Statutes of 2000
Limits the price homeowners may be charged for propane supplied by park management in cases where homeowners are prohibited by law from installing their own propane tanks Support
SB 1621
Alarcon & Burton
Land Use Vetoed Strengthens the finding a locality must make before enacting a multifamily housing moratorium, i.e., the development would have a specific, adverse impact on public health or safety; the impact must be significant, quantifiable, and unavoidable, based on objective written public health and safety standards in effect before the moratorium is adopted; also clarifies that localities must designate and zone sufficient vacant land with appropriate standards to meet the housing needs for all income categories and clarifies that "appropriate standards" includes standards needed to facilitate development of housing affordable to low income households Sponsor. Localities have been abusing current law by adopting moratoriums for improper purposes, such as: because multifamily units are geared toward low income housing, because multifamily developments affect property values, and in order to stop specific developments.
SB 1627
Mobilehomes Chapter 433,
Statutes of 2000
Requires HCD to develop regulations requiring maintenance and periodic inspection and testing of fire hydrants in mobilehome parks; permits cities and counties that are not the Mobilehome Parks Act enforcement agency to adopt and enforce fire safety regulations without assuming complete enforcement of the Act. Support
SB 1642
Land Use Vetoed Adds a requirement that HCD and regional councils of government, when determining regional fair shares of housing, incorporate measures to improve the balance of jobs and housing within each region's employment centers Watch
SB 1656
Finance Chapter 84,
Statutes of 2000
Creates an omnibus program consolidating the existing HCD homeownership programs and further support local public and private efforts to provide homeownership opportunities targeted at low and very low income households: Establishes the CalHome Program to provide loans and grants to local public agencies or nonprofit corporations for activities to facilitate home ownership by low- and very low-income households; Repeals the Senior Citizens' Shared Housing Program, which is incorporated into the CalHome Program; Also makes changes to the California Housing Trust Fund to provide a source of financing for affordable housing programs Sponsor
SB 1664
Karnette & Leslie
Senior; Tax Chapter 60,
Statutes of 2000
Provides a one-time 150% increase in tax assistance payments, for low-income senior and disabled renters and homeowners; claimants must apply to the Franchise Tax Board by 30 June 2001 Support
SB 1739
Homeless Vetoed Requires the Office of Criminal Justice Planning to conduct an evaluation of programs designed to serve runaway and homeless youth Watch
SB 1745
Tenancies Chapter 680,
Statutes of 2000
Requires an owner to give 60 days notice of a rent increase of more than 10%, or a rent increase resulting in a rent level that is more than 10% above the rent anytime in the previous year; allows an owner to give notice for all rent increases by ordinary mail Sponsor. Many parts of the state are experiencing drastic rent increases, sometimes more than 100%. The current law requirement for 30 days' notice of an increase simply is not enough time, in today's extremely tight rental housing markets, to find a new place to live or make other arrangements. This was out third attempt to increase notice; notice was last increased in 1907.
SB 1781
Consumer Never assigned to a committee Permits a builder to inspect and attempt to repair defects before a construction defect lawsuit may proceed Watch
SB 1789
Land Use Vetoed Requires HCD to: analyze policies that may be obstacles to the remediation and redevelopment of contaminated urban properties, otherwise known as brownfields and recommend incentives to redevelop brownfields Support
SB 1816
Land Use Vetoed Requires the Statewide Housing Plan to analyze housing needs of special groups (e.g., seniors, disabled) Support
SB 1890
Finance Held in Senate Appropriations Committee Appropriates $500,000 for grants to persons with disabilities to purchase adaptive equipment to modify their residences to increase accessibility Support
SB 1905
Mobilehomes Never set for rehearing in Assembly Housing Committee Prohibits park managers from renting mobilehomes in a park unless mobilehome owners are also permitted to rent their homes Watch
SB 1927
Tenancies Vetoed Reduces the amount of the bond that a legal document assistant from $25,000 to $5,000, if the assistant does business in Riverside County and limits his or her practice solely to assisting parties in small claims court Watch
SB 1947
Consumer Vetoed Requires submission of condominium defect litigation to arbitration Watch
SB 1966
Land Use Chapter 496,
Statutes of 2000
Makes explicit that a city or county may refer a proposed initiative to the appropriate local government entities for a report on specified aspects of the initiative Support
SB 2011
Senior Chapter 1004,
Statutes of 2000
Makes changes to the existing exemption from the Unruh Civil Rights Act for senior housing: 1) Exempts existing pre-1982 senior housing from Unruh design requirements; 2) Specifies design elements, which, if met, would create a presumption of compliance; 3) Amends the definition of qualified permanent resident to include a child or grandchild of the resident who is disabled and needs to live with the senior and the domestic partners of senior citizen residents; 4) Allows relatives who provide in home health services to be compensated with room and board; 5) Allows all caregivers to remain in the unit during a temporary absence of the resident; 6) Replaces existing housing and population density formula with a single minimum standard of 35 units. Support
SB 2017
Land Use Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee Requires the Association of Bay Area Governments and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to evaluate whether local governments are accepting their fair share of housing starts and participating in regional congestion reduction plans and to identify regulatory and other barriers to achieving a balance between housing and jobs Watch
SB 2029
Consumer Chapter 1005,
Statutes of 2000
Extends the sunset date of the Contractors' State License Board (CSLB) by two years, changes CSLB composition, establishes monitoring of CSLB, and requires CSLB to perform several studies Watch
SB 2077
Senior Chapter 820,
Statutes of 2000
Revises provisions relating to continuing care contracts and continuing care community rights Support
SB 2113
Redevelopment Chapter 661,
Statutes of 2000
Authorizes the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency to incur indebtedness exclusively for Housing Fund activities until January 1, 2014, or until the agency replaces all of the housing units demolished prior to the enactment of the replacement housing obligations, whichever occurs first Support. San Francisco wants to extend their redevelopment project areas, issue new bonds, and dedicate the resulting revenue to low- and moderate-income housing. This bill lets them go beyond the statutory deadlines normally imposed.
SB 2127
Tenancies Gutted; no longer a housing bill Prior version: Requires a landlord to disclose any separate water and sewer billing arrangements in new leases or rental agreements; requires that any new or increased water or sewer charges or any increase in water or sewer charges be preceded by a 60-day notice; requires disclosure of any separate water and sewer charges in advertisements Support (prior version)
SB 2128
Consumer Not brought up for vote in the Assembly Establishes a task force to study predatory practices by lenders in making consumer home loans Watch
SB 2143
Tenancies Chapter 234,
Statutes of 2000
Requires a landlord to notify tenants of any on-going periodic pest control measures Support
SB 2197
Finance Chapter 307,
Statutes of 2000
Deletes from the Roberti-Greene Home Purchase Program: 1) requirement that the amount of home purchase assistance shall not exceed the amount necessary to make the total debt financing affordable; 2) provision excusing repayment of any portion of the assistance for which there are insufficient proceeds following a sale of the home; 3) requirement that no more than 50 percent of the assistance shall be for purchasing new homes Watch
SB 2198
Tax Rehearing in Senate Revenue & Tax Committee never held creates a state "homeownership tax credit" for lenders making specified second mortgages to low-income families Watch