Below are all of the housing-related bills we are tracking or evaluating for the 2018 legislative session.

Codes and Standards

AB 565 (Bloom) makes changes to the types of alternative building standards a city and county can adopt for the conversion of commercial or industrial buildings to living and work quarters.
AB 1857 (Nazarian) requires multifamily new construction to be safe for occupancy after an earthquake.
AB 2071 (Bloom) exempts local agencies from liability for accessory dwelling unit utility injuries.
AB 2475 (Ting) is a spot bill on green building standards.
AB 2485 (Chau) prohibits contractors and others with a potential financial interest from being present during a code inspection at a commercial building.
AB 2681 (Nazarian) requires local building departments and the state Office of Emergency Services to develop a registry of buildings at heightened risk of damage in an earthquake.
AB 2847 (Rubio) is a spot bill on the requirement that purchasers maintain properties bought at foreclosure.
AB 3232 (Friedman) requires state Energy Commission to develop a plan to make all new buildings constructed after 2030 zero net-energy.
SB 71 (Wiener) mandates solar energy systems on all new residential & nonresidential buildings.
SB 377 (Monning) revises lead paint remediation standards.
SB 721 (Hill) requires periodic balcony inspections.
SB 1361 (Bradford) is a spot bill on reinforced concrete buildings.
SB 1415 (McGuire) adds municipal code violations to code enforcement procedures in state law.

Fair Housing

AB 686 (Santiago) incorporates standards in state law to affirmatively further fair housing.
AB 1870 (Reyes) extends the time to file a complaint with Dept. of Fair Employment & Housing to 3 years.
AB 2950 (Chau) is a spot bill on the Unruh Civil Rights Act.


AB 1406 (Gloria) establishes the state homeless youth housing grant program, to provide matching grants for local agencies providing services, including housing assistance.
AB 1898 (Mathis) allows the leasing of Caltrans property, such as below or near freeways, in disadvantaged communities for shelter purposes.
AB 2161 (Chiu) requires HCD to collect comprehensive data on homelessness.
AB 2602 (McCarty) adds Sacramento county as an eligible area for homeless youth emergency service projects.
AB 2920 (Thurmond) is a spot bill on homeless youth.
AB 3171 (Ting) creates a state matching fund grant program for cities to create innovative local programs to combat homelessness.
SB 307 (Nguyen) requires a study of homeless college students.
SB 918 (Wiener) establishes the Office of Homeless Youth at HCD.
SB 1045 (Wiener) expands the use of conservatorships for chronically homeless persons.
SB 1152 (Hernandez) requires hospitals to develop plans & procedures for the discharge of homeless patients, including provision of necessities and referrals.
SB 1436 (Portantino) is a spot bill on homeless encampments.

Homeownership and Utility Services

AB 271 (Caballero) makes improvements to the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program.
AB 1758 (Steinorth) authorizes homeownership savings accounts.
AB 1979 (Bonta) authorizes homeownership savings accounts.
AB 2042 (Steinorth) is a spot bill on single- and multi-family gray-water systems.
AB 2063 (Aguiar-Curry) imposes record-keeping requirements on contractors soliciting Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) retrofitting contracts from property owners.
AB 2132 (Levine) waives permit fees for alterations to a homeowner who is a senior and disabled.
AB 2353 (Fraizer) shortens the statute of limitations for construction defects to 5 years.
AB 2376 (Stone) is a spot bill on foreclosure consultants.
AB 2500 (Kalra) increases the amount of loan subject to special borrower rules and interest rates to $10,000.
AB 2569 (Arambula) requires the PUC to evaluate whether time-of-day utility pricing will adversely affect low-income households.
AB 2648 (Friedman) exempts water contamination injuries from the 10-year statute of limitations for construction defects.
AB 3041 (Cunningham) prohibits fees on subsequent transfers imposed by covenants on a property; federal requirements have made such fees obsolete in recent years.
SB 434 (Galgiani) excludes mortgage debt forgiveness from state income tax.
SB 818 (Beall) enhances foreclosure protections.
SB 998 (Dodd) imposes new restrictions before water can be shut off at a property.
SB 1087 (Roth) enhances Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) loan consumer protections.
SB 1128 (Roth) is a spot bill on common interest developments.

Land Use

AB 829 (Chiu) requires cities and counties to address their jobs-housing balance (or imbalance) in their annual general plan reports.
AB 915 (Ting) specifies that inclusionary zoning calculations are to be made after those for a density bonus calculation in San Francisco.
AB 1156 (Ting) requires housing element annual reports to include a listing of sites rezoned to accommodate regional housing need that could not be accommodated on specified sites.
AB 1423 (Chiu) requires charter cities to submit annual housing element reports.
AB 1759 (McCarty) withholds transportation funds from a city or county if its RHNA numbers are not met.
AB 1771 (Bloom) is a spot bill on RHNA.
AB 1804 (Berman) extends the infill CEQA exemption to unincorporated county areas.
AB 2162 (Chiu) requires that supportive housing be a use by right in zones where multifamily housing is permitted.
AB 2372 (Gloria) allows a local gov to base density bonuses on floor area.
AB 2447 (Reyes) is a spot bill on environmental justice in zoning.
AB 2547 (McCarty) is a spot bill on planning.
AB 2553 (Friedman) is a spot bill to create “housing opportunity zones” for infill development.
AB 2631 (T. Allen) extends SB 35-style by right approval to developments with less than 25 units where at least one unit is low- or moderate-income reserved.
AB 2753 (Friedman) requires a local government to notify an applicant for a density bonus within 30 days if the application is complete, and act on the application within 60 days; otherwise the application is deemed approved.
AB 2782 (Friedman) is a spot bill on exemption for housing from CEQA.
AB 2797 (Bloom) provides that the granting of a density bonus cannot be the basis for finding that a project violates the visual preservation provisions in the Coastal Act.
AB 2856 (Melendez) narrows the grounds to halt a housing development under CEQA.
AB 2913 (Wood) extends the time to start construction after issuance of a building permit to 3 years.
AB 2923 (Chiu) requires BART to develop new transit-oriented development standards for properties near its stations.
AB 2939 (Ting) mandates ministerial approval of permits to construct accessory dwelling units at multifamily properties with 5 or more units.
AB 2973 (Gray) extends tentative maps that were previously extended by another two years.
AB 2977 (Gloria) is a spot bill on housing elements.
AB 3000 (Friedman) prohibits local governments from imposing minimum parking requirements for new housing developments where off-street parking is permitted.
AB 3023 (Medina) is a spot bill on planning & zoning.
AB 3030 (Caballero) is a spot bill on planning & zoning.
AB 3147 (Caballero) fixes development fees for housing at the levels in place when the application was deemed complete.
AB 3194 (Daly) amends the Housing Accountability Act by: 1) if a development is disapproved or approved at a lower density based on adverse impacts on health or safety, the impacts must be imminent, & 2) a development cannot be disapproved under a zoning ordinance if the ordinance is inconsistent with the maximum density for the site identified in the housing element.
SB 827 (Wiener) allows increased densities for housing near transit.
SB 828 (Wiener) is a spot bill on housing elements & RHNA.
SB 831 (Wieckowski) relaxes various requirements for accessory dwelling units, to facilitate their development.
SB 893 (Nguyen) repeals recently-enacted reductions in parking requirements.
SB 922 (Nguyen) is a spot bill on planning & zoning.
SB 943 (Cannella) is a spot bill on housing elements.
SB 1035 (Jackson) requires housing elements to address climate change.
SB 1078 (Tr&HsgComm) makes noncontroversial technical changes to housing statutes.
SB 1111 (Beall) is a spot bill on housing elements.
SB 1226 (Bates) authorizes local ordinances to create a process to legalize existing accessory dwelling units that were constructed without a permit.
SB 1227 (Skinner) creates a density bonus for student housing.
SB 1251 (McGuire) updates the schedule for OPR to notify the Attorney General and the affected locality when a housing element revision is overdue.
SB 1253 (Jackson) is a spot bill on land use.
SB 1296 (Glazer) requires HCD to compile a database of local development fees.
SB 1333 (Wieckowski) applies the state Planning & Zoning Law to charter cities.
SB 1340 (Glazer) narrows the grounds to halt a housing development under CEQA.
SB 1341 (Glazer) is a spot bill on CEQA and housing developments.

Landlord Tenant

AB 62 (Wood) requires public housing authorities to prohibit smoking tobacco and e-cigarettes in all public housing.
AB 354 (Calderon) requires corporate single-family rental owners to report on their holdings.
AB 814 (Bloom) allows certain city attorneys to investigate unfair competition practices, including by landlords.
AB 1088 (Eggman) directs the state Energy Commission to increase access to various existing energy and water programs, for multifamily residential properties and tenants, especially low-income.
AB 1919 (Wood) prohibits no cause evictions in areas affected by a natural disaster.
AB 1922 (Fong) doubles the the renters’ tax credit & the homeowners’ property tax exemption.
AB 2073 (Chiu) is a spot bill on trespassing.
AB 2074 (Chiu) is a spot bill on payments by third parties to creditors, including landlords.
AB 2219 (Ting) allows third parties to make rent payments for tenants in financial distress.
AB 2343 (Chiu) 1) increases the time for a tenant to pay rent or otherwise rectify a lease violation to 10 days before a landlord may file an eviction action; 2) increases the time for a tenant to answer an eviction complaint to days; and 3) increases other short deadlines in eviction actions.
AB 2413 (Chiu) alters and enhances protections for tenant domestic violence survivors.
AB 2618 (Bonta) establishes certification & training requirements for landlords & property managers.
AB 2708 (Reyes) specifies that if a consumer or tenant negotiates primarily in one of the five enumerated languages in existing law regarding negotiations, the business or landlord shall provide a written copy of any agreement in that language.
AB 2925 (Bonta) requires just cause before a tenant may be evicted.
AB 2930 (Santiago) is a spot bill on tenants’ rights.
AB 3208 (Cooper) allows the City of Elk Grove to seize any property or interests (including a tenancy) if the property is used to violate any provision of the city code.
SB 1155 (Hueso) extends ability of courts to appoint interpreters to small claims cases.
SB 1182 (Glazer) doubles amount of renters’ income tax credit.
SB 1212 (Anderson) increases the renters’ tax credit to $500 for joint filers, $250 for individuals.

Local Housing Programs

AB 1768 (Steinorth) allows the San Bernardino Public Housing Authority to finance middle-income housing.
AB 1778 (Holden) is a spot bill on redevelopment & housing in the Riverside-San Bernardino area.
AB 2035 (Mullin) is a spot bill on Affordable Housing Authorities.
AB 2065 (Ting) alters the procedures for offering surplus land for housing, to facilitate more development.
AB 2788 (Thurmond) is a spot bill for housing for teachers.
AB 3037 (Chiu) allows local governments to create new redevelopment agencies, with purposes limited to infrastructure and housing, and subject to approval by the Dept. of Finance.
AB 3152 (Chiu) makes units restricted to moderate-income households eligible for the county property tax welfare exemption.
ACA 4 (Aguiar-Curry) lowers the voter approval threshold for local affordable housing bonds to 55%.
SB 275 (Portantino) lowers local property tax assessments for surplus Caltrans properties acquired through a state affordable housing program.
SB 1056 (Beall) extends the property tax welfare exemption to properties held by community land trusts.
SB 1115 (Hill) removes the $10M limit on the property tax welfare exemption for an organization.
SB 1145 (Leyva) allows infrastructure finance districts to fund maintenance costs for assisted projects, including affordable housing.
SB 1202 (Stone) is a spot bill on the Mitigation Fee Act.


AB 1943 (Waldron) defines ownership of mobilehomes for foundation installation purposes.
AB 2056 (E Garcia) is a spot bill on the MPROP resident park purchase assistance program.
AB 2588 (Chu) requires smoke alarms with newer features such as 10-year batteries in all used mobilehomes sold or rented.
SB 46 (Leyva) removes the sunset for the mobilehome enforcement program.
SB 1130 (Leyva) is a spot bill on mobilehomes.

Rent Control

AB 1796 (Muratsuchi) allows tenants to install EV charging stations at rent-controlled properties.
AB 2364 (Bloom) gives all tenants a 1-year notice of eviction due to an Ellis Act closure; requires all units withdrawn from the market under Ellis to have the same withdrawal date for purposes of re-renting.
AB 2812 (Limón) is a spot bill on protection of data by public agencies.


AB 1165 (Caballero) expands eligibility standards for housing at migrant farm labor centers.
AB 2887 (Aguiar-Curry) makes a number of changes to migrant farm labor center laws.
AB 3014 (Quirk-Silva) is a spot bill on the Employee Housing Act.
SB 829 (Wiener) is a spot bill on farmworker housing.

State Funding Programs

AB 166 (Salas) waives the SB 2 recording fee for low-income persons
AB 1765 (Quirk-Silva) waives the SB 2 recording fee if recording resulted from a natural disaster.
AB 1915 (Mathis) waives the SB 2 recording fee for mining claims.
AB 1921 (Maienschein) increases circumstances under which CalWORKs emergency housing assistance may be used.
AB 2434 (Bloom) requires the Strategic Growth Council to form a task force to advance & advise on various policy goals, including affordable housing.
AB 2519 (Choi) is a spot bill on CalHFA homeownership assistance.
AB 2562 (Mullin) revises conditions under which HCD can adjust loan interest rates.
AB 2725 (Acosta) adds housing construction as a permitted activity for the California Conservation Corps.
AB 2784 (Caballero) creates a student emergency housing loan program in the Cal. St. Univ. system.
AB 2890 (Ting) is a spot bill on HCD programs.
AB 2903 (Irwin) defines workforce housing as affordable to low- or moderate-income households.
AB 2922 (Gipson) permits the state Tax Credit Allocation Committee (TCAC) to allocate up to $5M per year in tax credits for owner-occupied low-income housing construction.
AB 2999 (Bonta) allows a 50% income tax credit for employer-subsidized rental or mortgage assistance to employees.
AB 3052 (Chen) directs proceeds from unclaimed property escheated to the state to HCD for senior housing, instead of to the General Fund.
AB 3072 (Chiu) is a spot bill on state housing finance.
ACA 11 (Caballero) imposes a ¼ percent sales tax surcharge for affordable housing.
SB 950 (Allen) is a spot bill on the state Tax Credit Allocation Committee (TCAC).
SB 1010 (Beall) creates the Supportive Housing Pilot Program for parolees.
SB 1116 (Moorlach) is a spot bill on the Cal-First Home Buyers Act.
SB 1327 (Atkins) Follow-up bill to SB 2 permanent housing funding source bill.