June 10, 2019

Conference Committee met Sunday and took final action on the remaining budget items. The actions on most housing and homelessness related items is here; a description of each item is here.

The highlights on housing, according to the Committee’s summary:

The overall housing and homelessness package agreed upon by all three parties:

  • $250 million in one time funds for planning grants to help local jurisdictions work through the Regional Housing Needs Assessment 6th Cycle.
  • $500 million in one-time funds for housing-related infrastructure.
  • $650 million in one-time funds to help local jurisdictions to combat homelessness.
  • $500 million in one-time funds for a mixed-income loan program through CalHFA.
  • $500 million in one-time funds to expand the state’s Low Income Housing Tax Credit program.
  • Placeholder trailer bill language to implement these program.

For a complete list of actions on all actions taken by the Conference Committee, go here.