September 3, 2019

AB 1482 (Chiu) which provides just cause protections and a statewide rent cap was referred to Senate Rules where it will be amended to incorporate the latest terms of the deal struck by the Governor. It will then go to the Senate floor.

SB 5 (Beall), a redevelopment 2.0 alternative was released from the Assembly Appropriations suspense file despite a $2B annual price tag.

AB 10 (Chiu) which would have made the expanded state tax credit ongoing was held on the Senate Appropriations suspense file.

The fate of other bills on suspense can be found here and here.

SB 113 (Com. on Budget) is the housing budget trailer bill cleanup. It includes technical cleanup to the housing element enforcement provisions in the budget.

DOF released draft TBL to implement Opportunity Zone conformity.  Housing advocates and others have expressed concerns.