September 3, 2019

The remaining two weeks are focused almost exclusively on moving off the floor the bills that are remaining in the session.  Below are some of the bills pending on the floor this week. A complete list is available  on our website.

Assembly Floor

  • SB 222 (Hill) – Voucher non-discrimination for veterans.
  • SB 644 (Glazer) – Security deposit limits for veterans.
  • SB 744 (Caballero) – CEQA streamlining for permanent supportive housing.

Senate Floor

  • AB 728 (Santiago) – Homeless multidisciplinary personnel teams.
  • AB 1110 (Friedman) – Rent increases: noticing.
  • AB 1399 (Bloom) – Residential real property: rent control: withdrawal of accommodations.
  • AB 1659 (Bloom) – Local home financing agencies: City of Los Angeles: nonprofit public benefit corporation.