May 20, 2019

A number of housing-related bills we are tracking were held on the Appropriations Committee suspense files last week.  Except for those listed as “2-year bills” these bills are now dead. Here is a rundown. 


AB 563 (Quirk-Silva) – Appropriates $16M for a 2-year pilot program to address homelessness and mental illness in northern Orange County.
AB 742 (Cervantes) – Establishes the state Office of Place-Based Economic Strategies.
AB 816 (Quirk-Silva) – Establishes a state Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool to fund homelessness responses.
AB 1295 (Quirk-Silva) – Requires supportive housing at the former Fairview Development Center.
AB 1405 (Gloria) – Creates a program to provide temporary and permanent housing for parolees.
AB 1534 (Wicks) – Requires each county to develop a homeless action plan.
AB 1711 (Santiago) – Requires a locality to respond to a disease outbreak within the homelessness population.
SB 48 (Wiener) – Creates a by right flexible category of “interim housing intervention.”
SB 728 (Galgiani) – Establishes the Student Housing and Food Hardship program.

Affordable Housing Finance

AB 1717 (Friedman) – Authorizes tax increment districts for multifamily housing near transit.
AB 1734 (Chiu) – Creates a property tax exemption for nonprofit-owned rental housing occupied by moderate-income households.
SB 15 (Portantino) – Allows cities, counties and JPAs to apply to the Dept. of Finance for allocation of property tax funds for affordable housing, infrastructure, or parks.

AB 192 (Mathis) – Provides loans for supportive housing for regional center clients.
AB 791 (Gabriel) – Creates an affordable housing tax credit for Opportunity Zones.
AB 832 (Gipson) – Creates a tax credit for non-profit developed low-income owner-occupied housing.
AB 1020 (Irwin) – Creates a cabinet-level state housing agency.


AB 724 (Wicks) – Requires landlords to submit rental data to HCD.


AB 777 (Patterson) – Amends senior and disabled property tax postponement requirements.
SB 252 (Leyva) – Provides a 50% capital gains exclusion for mobilehome parks sold to localities, nonprofits, or resident associations.
SB 770 (Galgiani) – Decreases equity required for eligibility for the Senior Citizens and Disabled Citizens Property Tax Postponement program.


AB 986 (Robert Rivas) – Enacts the Regional Economies and Equity in Agricultural Lands Act.


AB 1568 (McCarty) – Prohibits localities not meeting housing production goals from applying for state grants.
SB 50 (Wiener) – Eliminates density restrictions near transit and jobs-rich areas.