March 17, 2019

LA Curbed: Lawmakers roll out bills to strengthen rent control across California

“This legislation will help bring some peace of mind and predictability to renters, allowing them to plan for their future and stay in their homes,” [Asm. David] Chiu said in a statement.

LA Times: After ballot failure, there’s a new bid to control what California landlords can charge tenants

“The rental housing industry just opposes rent caps,” [Apt. Association lobbyist Deb} Carlton said. “That’s who we are. That’s how it is. It’s going to be tough [to pass legislation] given what just happened with Prop. 10. But they’re not giving up. And we’ll certainly engage.”

SF Chron: Rent control back on California’s agenda with package of Democratic bills

“There is an understanding on both sides of this issue that the crisis has not, is not and will not go away until we act in various ways,” [Asm. Richard] Bloom said.

Editorial: California renters need relief. That means weakening Costa-Hawkins

“[I]t is increasingly clear that lawmakers can’t address the real-time pain and upheaval caused by the state’s housing crisis without strengthening tenant protections.”