June 3, 2019

Below are the 108 housing bills we are tracking that didn’t make the cut by last Friday’s first-house deadline and are now two-year bills or are dead. Most of these either did not make it out of policy committee, were held in Appropriations or did not make it off the floor.


AB 986 (Robert Rivas) – Agricultural land: socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers: REEAL Act of 2019.
AB 738 (Mullin) – Regional housing need allocation: County of San Mateo.
AB 725 (Wicks) – General plans: housing element: above moderate-income housing: suburban and metropolitan jurisdictions.
AB 724 (Wicks) – Rental property data registry.
AB 726 (Wicks) – Housing: downpayment assistance.
AB 742 (Cervantes) – Place-Based Economic Strategies Act.
AB 777 (Patterson) – Property tax postponement.
AB 791 (Gabriel) – Income taxes: credits: low-income housing: qualified opportunity zone.
AB 816 (Quirk-Silva) – California Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool Program.
AB 847 (Grayson) – Housing: transportation-related impact fees grant program.
AB 832 (Gipson) – Income taxes: credits: qualified developer: affordable housing.
AB 599 (Maienschein) – Housing programs: definitions: workforce housing.
AB 705 (Mark Stone) – Mobilehome parks: change of use.
AB 579 (Daly) – Development fees: definition.
AB 553 (Melendez) – High-speed rail bonds: housing.
AB 563 (Quirk-Silva) – Mental health: funding.
AB 586 (Diep) – California Environmental Quality Act: exemption: special housing projects.
AB 606 (Diep) – Local government zoning ordinances.
AB 431 (Gallagher) – California Environmental Quality Act: exemptions: projects in Town of Paradise and Butte County.
AB 507 (Kiley) – Green building standards: review: annual report.
AB 490 (Salas) – California Environmental Quality Act: affordable housing development projects: administrative and judicial streamlining.
AB 492 (Nazarian) – Property tax assistance: eligibility.
AB 509 (Lackey) – General plans.
AB 519 (Voepel) – Mobilehome parks: sale.
AB 53 (Jones-Sawyer) – Rental housing unlawful housing practices: applications: criminal records.
AB 306 (Ramos) – Mental Health Services Fund.
AB 36 (Bloom) – Residential tenancies: rent control.
AB 399 (Brough) – Taxation: renters’ credit.
AB 264 (Melendez) – Income taxes: credits: development impact fees.
AB 282 (Voepel) – Personal income taxes: credit: qualified principal residence.
AB 298 (Mathis) – Housing: home purchase assistance program: first responders: Legislative Analyst: study and report.
AB 1749 (Boerner Horvath) – Coastal resources: development permits.
AB 1771 (Kamlager-Dove) – Planning and zoning: cause of action: time limitations.
AB 1775 (Reyes) – Local planning: environmental justice goals: notification: Department of Justice.
AB 1786 (O’Donnell) – Land use and planning: regional housing assessment allocation: housing element.
AB 192 (Mathis) – California Integrated Community Living Program.
AB 22 (Burke) – Housing: safe and clean shelter for children.
AB 234 (Nazarian) – Income taxes: credit: seismic retrofits.
AB 246 (Mathis) – State highways: property leases.
AB 191 (Patterson) – Building standards: exemptions: rebuilding after disasters.
AB 1741 (Medina) – Postsecondary education: housing.
AB 1711 (Santiago) – Homeless populations: disease outbreak.
AB 1629 (Robert Rivas) – Low-income housing tax credits.
AB 1701 (Cervantes) – California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank: economic development facilities: redevelopment agencies.
AB 1648 (Levine) – Housing: school employees: affordable rental housing.
AB 1673 (Salas) – California Environmental Quality Act: judicial challenge: litigation transparency: identification of contributors.
AB 1697 (Grayson) – Housing: tenancy termination: just cause.
AB 1706 (Quirk) – Housing development: incentives.
AB 1717 (Friedman) – Transit-Oriented Affordable Housing Funding Program Act.
AB 1734 (Chiu) – Property taxation: welfare exemption: rental housing: moderate income housing.
AB 1674 (Gloria) – School facilities: California School Finance Authority.
AB 1572 (Chen) – Mental health services: gravely disabled.
AB 1534 (Wicks) – Regional Homeless Management Planning Act.
AB 1502 (Santiago) – Residential mortgage lending.
AB 1528 (Bigelow) – Mobilehomes.
AB 1536 (Gray) – Reinvestment in Infrastructure for a Sustainable and Equitable California (RISE) districts: standards.
AB 1551 (Arambula) – Property Assessed Clean Energy program.
AB 1562 (Burke) – Housing guidebook.
AB 1567 (Aguiar-Curry) – Farmworker housing.
AB 1568 (McCarty) – Housing law compliance: prohibition on applying for state grants.
AB 1579 (Gabriel) – College and university student housing: impact mitigation fees.
AB 1585 (Boerner Horvath) – Accessory dwelling units.
AB 1609 (Chen) – Public utilities: fireproofing programs.
AB 148 (Quirk-Silva) – Regional transportation plans: sustainable communities strategies.
AB 1453 (Chiu) – Property tax: welfare exemptions: rental housing and related facilities.
AB 1367 (Brough) – Housing: live-work units.
AB 1386 (Chen) – Residential fees and charges.
AB 14 (Luz Rivas) – Multifamily Housing Program: homeless youths: homeless families.
AB 1405 (Gloria) – Permanent supportive housing for parolees.
AB 146 (Quirk-Silva) – State highways: property leases: County of Orange.
AB 1481 (Grayson) – Tenancy termination: just cause.
AB 1295 (Quirk-Silva) – Temporary housing and supportive services program.
AB 1315 (Boerner Horvath) – Housing: small lot subdivisions.
AB 1326 (Gloria) – Property taxation: welfare exemption: low income housing.
AB 1318 (Mullin) – Housing: school employees.
AB 1244 (Fong) – Environmental quality: judicial review: housing projects.
AB 1317 (Brough) – Personal income taxes: gross income exclusion: homeownership savings accounts.
AB 1206 (Choi) – Income tax credits: leased or rented property: persons receiving housing services or assistance.
AB 1239 (Cunningham) – Planning and zoning: housing element.
AB 1250 (Gloria) – Subdivisions: local ordinances.
AB 1060 (Gray) – Attorneys: annual license fees: free legal services.
AB 11 (Chiu) – Community Redevelopment Law of 2019.
AB 1020 (Irwin) – State of California Housing Agency Act.
AB 1006 (Grayson) – Manufactured or prefabricated housing units: statewide standards.
AB 1177 (Frazier) – Planning and zoning: housing development: streamlined approval.
AB 1187 (Jones-Sawyer) – Renewal of registration: safe parking program participants.
AB 1201 (Boerner Horvath) – Unfair Practices Act.
AB 1516 (Friedman) – Fire prevention: defensible space and fuels reduction management.
AB 940 (Melendez) – Recovery residences.


SB 4 (McGuire) – Housing.
SB 15 (Portantino) – Property tax revenue allocations: Local-State Sustainable Investment Program.
SB 48 (Wiener) – Low Barrier Navigation Center developments.
SB 50 (Wiener) – Planning and zoning: housing development: incentives.
SB 191 (Morrell) – Land use: housing element.
SB 215 (Morrell) – Local government: housing.
SB 252 (Leyva) – Income taxation: exclusion: mobilehome park sales.
SB 254 (Hertzberg) – California Earthquake Authority.
SB 384 (Morrell) – Housing.
SB 528 (Hueso) – California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank.
SB 529 (Durazo) – Tenant associations: eviction for cause.
SB 572 (Grove) – Department of Veterans Affairs: use of real property.
SB 605 (Hueso) – Public Utilities.
SB 640 (Moorlach) – Mental health services: gravely disabled.
SB 654 (Moorlach) – Local government: planning.
SB 712 (Grove) – Housing for the elderly.
SB 718 (Moorlach) – Fairview Developmental Center.
SB 728 (Galgiani) – Student financial aid: housing and hunger hardship.
SB 770 (Galgiani) – Property tax postponement: residential dwelling: minimum equity.